Water is Life. Image was screen printed at the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock in the Summer and Fall of 2016 as patches for the water protectors. The image is based on an original photograph by Ossie Michelin of Amanda Polchies – a Mi’kmaq land and water defender peacefully standing up to the shale gas company SWN and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick, Canada in 2013.


See America

Protest, Shut It Down. Design based on photo by Michael Reynolds of the Women's March in DC, January 21, 2017.

Angela Davis, Women's March

Alicia Garza quote

Learn About Black Panther Party History. (This print is a re-working of a 1937 WPA/Federal Art Project poster design by Carken - full name unknown - with text that read, “Visit Brookside Zoo." Re-worked Image was designed for the 2010 show "Printervention: Printing for the Public" at the Chicago Tourism Center Gallery)

D12 Red Arrow. Image used as a poster for the December 12, 2015 demos in Paris during the COP 21 UN Climate Conference. Image is a re-adapted image of the Paris 68 graphic "Spirits are high for a protracted struggle."

We Call BS (stencil portrait of Emma Gonzalez based on photo by Nicole Raucheisen)

There is No Flag Large Enough to Cover the Shame of the Migrant Detention Camps. (Adaptation of a Howard Zinn quote.), Amplifier Foundation, 2019

Poor People's Campaign 2017. Portfolio project by Justseeds in collaboration with the Poor People's Campaign. Background image is a halftone image of a photograph by Jill Freedmanof the 1968 camp in DC.

The Crisis is Capitalism (second image in a series), 2020

Red for Ed, 2019. Based on a photo by Joe Brusky. Originally created as a 24' wide parachute banner for the NEA RA conference in Houston, July 2019. Circular graphic design by Claudio Martinez.

Resist 45

Megan Rapinoe

Take a Knee

Celebrate Activist Athletes: John Carlos and Tommie Smith

Solidarity. Image based on photos by Joe Brusky. Image is a collage of Milwaukee and Racine-based activists Fernanda Elena Jimenez of YES (Youth Empowered in the Struggle) / Voces de la Frontera, Nate Hamilton of the Coalition for Justice, and Janan Najeeb of the Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition.

Rest in Power George Floyd

Voces de la Frontera May Day Solidarity March, 2015 (stencil image based on a photo by Tina Modotti)

Voces de la Frontera May Day Solidarity March, 2015 (stencil image based on a photo by Tina Modotti)

Defend DACA

There is Power in a Union. Solidarity with the West Virginia Teachers' Strike.

When We Fight, We Win, 2019. Based on a photo by Joe Brusky.

You Can't Deport a Movement. (mage based on a photo by Joe Brusky of South Division High School Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) student Cristal Rodriguez at a YES/Voces demonstration in Milwaukee the day the Sanctuary District resolution was passed for MPS (Milwaukee Public Schools)

Learn About the 2012 Quebec Student Strike

Missing 2.3 Million Americans from their Family, Friends, and Community

Quit Coal. Re-adapted image from a 1936-37 WPA poster by Robert Lachenmann, Philadelphia, PA.

The Crisis is Capitalism (2020)

Big Bill Haywood

How to Stop an Oil Train

Voting is Power (figures based on photos by Joe Brusky)

Imagine No Police, 2016

Black Power Weather Vane, 2014

"Dreamers Welcome", Amplifier Foundation, 2019

Solidarity with Migrant Workers - Not Agribusiness. Image was included in the Culture Strike/Justseeds portfolio project "Migration Now"

Eugene Debs

Celebrate People's History: Direct Action Shuts Down the World Trade Organization Meeting in Seattle

Voting for Climate Deniers is Dangerous

Save the Confluence. Image re-adapted from a WPA poster for the Grand Canyon, Department of the Interior, National Park Service, ca. 1938. Library of Congress record does not indicate who the original artist was.

Celebrate People's History: Judi Bari

Shannon Airport Plowshares

Keep Families Together

Climate Madness


Dismantle the Corporate Landscape

Celebrate People's History posters

Imagine No Borders (demo against ICE, Milwaukee, 2014)

Silk screened patch for the Water Protectors, Standing Rock. 2016. Photo by Rob Wilson

No Gondola in the Grand Canyon, 2015

PTSD Shadow image at an IVAW event

Print Propaganda Party, Interference Archive, Brooklyn, NY, 2017

Parachute banner for the MTEA teachers union, Milwaukee, WI. 2017. Photo by Joe Brusky

Water is Life graphic. Benefit event. Berkeley, CA, 2016

Rethinking Schools magazine cover, Spring 2020

Poor People's Campaign, 2018

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prints, posters, graphics used in activist campaigns